2017 Latest Nike Roshe Two Flyknit Peacock Green / Black Unisex Trainers

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2017 Latest Unisex Nike Roshe Two Flyknit Trainers - Peacock Green / Black / White

Nike Roshe Two Flyknit technology design inspiration from the runners, they had wanted to have a pair of socks as comfortable and fit foot type of shoes, which is often overlooked by people. To this end, Nike together with programmers, engineers, designers, composed of a strong team and launched a four-year research and development, the development of cutting-edge technology, designed to create a blend of aesthetic beauty and wear resistance in one of the knitted uppers. Only a simple layer of material, to give the upper accurate support, flexibility and permeability. Thus creating a light if the feathers, fit the foot type seamless one of the upper.

Nike Roshe Two Flyknit is a technology made from polyester yarns, which not only has the characteristics of light weight, elasticity and abrasion resistance, but also through the hole formed by the line and the line is naturally staggered, Of the permeability. Based on the special nature of Flyknit's upper material and craft, the patterns and colors presented by the left and right shoes may not be exactly the same.

Material ingredient:

1. All shoes body flyknit needle thread weaving material upper

2. Triple density foam material in the end, shock effect is unparalleled

3. Memory sponge insole, comfortable foot feeling

4. The new pattern of Phylon waffle rubber outsole, both excellent grip and durability